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Minted Pea Soup

Peanut Free , Tree Nut Free , Soy Free , Gourmet , Dinner , Wheat/Gluten-Free , Lunch , No Sugar Added , Herb , Summer , Quick & Easy , Bean , Soup/Stew , Blender , London , England

Author: Louisa Service

Curried Carrot & Lentil Soup


This Spicy Vegetable Soup Is Super Low In Fat And Calories. Serve With A Dollop Of Cooling Yogurt And Fresh Coriander

Author: Sara Buenfeld

Hazelnut Biscotti

Desserts , Dessert , Cookies , Nut Cookie Recipes , Hazelnut

Make And Share This Hazelnut Biscotti Recipe From

Author: Karin...

Zucchini, Banana, And Flaxseed Muffins

Food & Cooking , Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Fresh Zucchini And Ripe Banana Add Moisture To These Muffins, Ensuring They Are Soft And Tender But Low In Fat.

Author: Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Ginger Scones

Bread , Quick Bread Recipes , Scone Recipes

Buttery Sweet, Spiced Pumpkin Scones With A Sweet And Spicy Ginger Icing Drizzled Over. Huge Hit With The Family.

Author: Sandi R.

Amazing Lemon Scones

Bread , Quick Bread Recipes , Scone Recipes

These Are So Delicious They Just Melt In Your Mouth! They Have A Bakery Back Home That Has These Amazing Lemon Scones That I Was Addicted To. Through Much Trial And Error I Think I've Got Them!

Author: Angelstar

Tart Cherry Lattice Pie


Whenever My Mom Is Invited To A Party Or Potluck, Everyone Requests Her Homemade Double-crust Fruit Pies. In The Summer, She Uses Fresh Tart Cherries For This Recipe. I Love A Slice Topped With Vanilla Ice Cream. -pamela Eaton, Monclova, Ohio

Author: Taste Of Home

Banana Kiwi Strawberry Tart

Desserts , Pies , Tarts , Fruit Tart Recipes

A Tart With A Custard Filling And Fruit Toppings.

Author: Lorelei Rusco

Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Pears

< 60 Mins

Make And Share This Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Pears Recipe From

Author: Spamster

Chunky Blond Brownies


Every Bite Of These Chewy Blondies Is Packed With Chunks Of White And Semisweet Chocolate And Macadamia Nuts. It's A Potluck Offering That Stands Out. -rosemary Dreiske, Lemmon, South Dakota

Author: Taste Of Home

Curry Chicken Pasta Salad

Salad , 100+ Pasta Salad Recipes , Chicken Pasta Salad Recipes

Good For Lunch Or Dinner, This Warm-weather Pasta Salad Is A Complete Meal When Served Over A Bed Of Lettuce With A Side Of Fresh Sliced Garden Tomatoes And Warm Garlic Breadsticks. I Usually Add More Curry Powder Than The Recipe Calls For.

Author: Cassie

Cheese-stuffed Dates With Prosciutto


Author: Giada De Laurentiis

Bread Stuffing With Sage

Food & Cooking , Dinner Recipes , Dinner Side Dishes

This Incredibly Simple Stuffing Has A Traditional Flavor Everyone Will Love. It's A Wonderful Complement To Salt And Pepper Turkey.

Author: Martha Stewart

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